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The printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publishing interprets China's green printing. On September 14, it has been a year since the General Administration of publishing signed the strategic cooperation agreement on the implementation of green printing with the Ministry of environmental protection last year. The signing of this agreement marks the official launch of China's green printing development strategy across the country. After one year of implementation, how should the industry recognize this green printing construction project promoted by the Chinese government, involving a wide range of areas and forming a system? In the process of promotion and implementation, what difficulties and problems exist and how to solve them? What is the future development of green printing? Cao Hongsui, deputy director of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of publication, was interviewed in this regard and asked him to interpret these issues

strategic measures proposed by China from an international perspective

it is lighter than pet. Implementing green printing is a strategic measure proposed by ourselves to promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's printing industry, which has special significance in China. Cao Hongsui said. In the open international market economy environment, China's development is controlled by others in many aspects, and some policies are put forward under the pressure of foreign countries, especially after China's entry into WTO. In the international economic pattern, compared with developed countries, developing countries are lagging behind in many aspects. Only the developed countries in Europe and the United States set the threshold, and developing countries passively change and accept it. Unlike other industries, China's attitude of implementing the green printing strategy is active

Cao Hongsui said that China's implementation on such a large scale and systematically, and the output directly affects the cost and supply capacity of products. The green printing strategy of brushing when the mixing blade wear exceeds the standard is rare in the global printing industry, and it is also a breakthrough move for China to become passive to active in the world and actively integrate with the international market. It is understood that green printing originated in western developed countries in the late 1980s. After more than 20 years of development, it has entered the practical application stage from the concept discussion stage. It has developed greatly in all aspects and is becoming more and more mature. In the process of formulating green printing standards, China has also referred to the standards of European and American countries and their experience, but it is found that they do not have systematic national green standards specifically for the printing industry, but are scattered in raw and auxiliary materials related industries, such as forestry, toy industry, chemical industry; Some printing industry environmental protection standards are also dominated by industry associations, which are independent standards of the industry, such as Japan's "Japan printing industry federation offset printing green standard (service)" and "green printing recognition system". From this point of view, China's green printing construction project, which is promoted by the government, down to enterprises, and involves industry associations and quality inspection institutions, has been implemented more thoroughly

from a practical point of view, green printing is indeed a way for western developed countries to restrict developing countries. Cao Hongsui believes that the printing level of some enterprises in China has been comparable with that of developed countries, but their exports are still mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, most of which are old customers brought by the transfer of former Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises. Compared with the traditional straw squares used for sand prevention and control, the market increase is less, and many enterprises' exports are frustrated because they cannot meet the environmental protection threshold of European and American countries. Therefore, taking the initiative to implement the green printing strategy in the domestic industry is undoubtedly conducive to the domestic printing enterprises to go global

Cao Hongsui pointed out that in the whole process of implementing green printing, the tenet of people-oriented always runs through. On the one hand, it pays attention to the health and safety of about 4million printing workers; On the other hand, the printing industry is closely connected with the daily life of the people. Everyone has to contact a large number of printing products every day, especially publications for children, as well as the packaging of food and drugs. Therefore, the implementation of green printing is a major event to protect all the people. At the same time, the implementation of green printing is also the need to improve the scientific and technological content and product quality of the printing industry and adjust the structure of the printing industry

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