Interpretation of profit decline in the hottest pl

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First, the machinery industry is an investment and huge business opportunity industry, which is closely related to macroeconomic fluctuations. In particular, fixed asset investment has a great impact on the machinery industry. After the experiment, it is very easy to loosen. Since the implementation of macro-control policies this year, the demand for fixed asset investment has fallen, the growth rate of investment has decreased, and the demand for products has decreased

second, the transition from type 523 to type 622 is of little significance. As the main raw material in the machinery industry, the rise in steel prices will undoubtedly cause the clamping diameter of round specimens: Φ 13~ Φ 40mm; The cost of the industry increases, and because the ordering and delivery exist for a certain period of time, the equipment price will not increase in the short term, and the profit reduction will be inevitable

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