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Interpretation of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for the development of Beijing's printing industry

the printing industry should be the best in the best district. As an important city of the national cultural industry and publishing industry, Beijing is in a leading position in the Bohai Rim region in terms of the overall scale and competitiveness of the printing industry, and also has a decisive influence in the national printing pattern. Therefore, at the end of 2005, as soon as the "Eleventh Five Year Plan for the development of Beijing printing and packaging" was issued, it attracted widespread attention in the printing industry. People of insight pointed out that the plan embodies the spirit of scientific development and will play a positive role in promoting the development of the printing industry in the capital and the upgrading of the entire Bohai Rim printing industry belt in the next five years

train of thought fully implement the scientificoutlookondevelopment

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", Beijing's printing and packaging industry should fully implement the scientificoutlookondevelopment, take giving full play to the function of the national cultural center as the core, and take meeting the diversified material and cultural needs of the people as the goal, and promote the Beijing printing and packaging industry to achieve a comprehensive transformation in three aspects: innovation mode, growth mode, and core competitiveness. We should be market-oriented and supported by high technology, and highlight the supporting, service and radiation functions; In promoting the economic process of the cultural industry, create high-end strong products; Promote the formation of cluster effect of design and creative industry center, promote the development of circular economy, and realize industrial optimization and upgrading

industrial layout

background: during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, enterprises gradually gathered in the industrial park in accordance with the planning requirements for the establishment of a circular printing industrial belt and Beijing Printing Industrial Park proposed by the competent industrial department. Areas with a certain industrial base should actively attract domestic and foreign key enterprises and relocation and adjustment enterprises to concentrate on the industrial base, and gradually form a certain scale printing and packaging industrial base in Beijing's southern economic and Technological Development Zone, northern Shunyi region, Chaoyang District, Xuanwu District and Haidian District. At present, the total output value of the top 20 enterprises in the printing and packaging industry accounts for more than 40% of the enterprises above the scale of the whole industry

problem: the concentration of industrial layout is not enough. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, although Beijing's printing and packaging industry has relatively concentrated some enterprises in the ring industrial belt, the industrial layout needs to be further centralized and optimized according to the requirements of the overall layout planning of Beijing's urban industrial development and the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure

Objective: during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, through layout adjustment, build a printing and packaging design creative industry center with "integration of industry, University, research, science, industry and trade" in the urban core area and new urban areas; Cultivate high-end printing industry clusters in the development zone; Form a packaging industry base supporting key industries and promoting the coordinated development of urban and rural economy

overall objective

Background: during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, Beijing proposed to take the printing and packaging industry as one of the key industries in the development of urban industry, creating conditions for the printing and packaging industry to accelerate the development and develop 17 new alloys, new states and new specifications. Under the guidance of the industrial planning, the reform of enterprises has been strengthened, the pace of industrial structure adjustment has been accelerated, and the market space has been gradually expanded, attracting a number of advantageous resources and enterprises to gather and develop in Beijing. During the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the total industrial output value, sales revenue, and total profits and taxes of Enterprises above the size of Beijing's printing and packaging industry have increased steadily at an average annual rate of more than 10%, and the export delivery value of products has increased significantly

problem: the radiation effect of central cities and a reasonable industrial chain have not yet been formed. The industrial positioning of Beijing's printing and packaging industry in the "Bohai Rim" economic circle needs to be more clear, so as to establish a printing center with all-round services and radiation functions, and form a reasonable industrial value chain and supply chain

target: the total output value of large-scale enterprises in Beijing's printing and packaging industry will strive to reach 15billion yuan by 2008; By 2010, it will reach 20billion yuan, accounting for 20% of Beijing's total industrial output value; Export delivery value doubled

development presents four highlights development of high-end links in the industrial chain

high tech industrialization is the main line of the development of Beijing's printing and packaging industry during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", improving the industrial level and realizing independent innovation in the process and technology before, during and after printing

increase the development of content industry. At present, content management is a hot topic in the international publishing and printing industry. The content industry based on digital technology will enable on-demand publishing and personalized services to develop rapidly. Beijing should rely on a number of enterprises, colleges and institutes with technological advantages to research and develop printing digitalization, e-book publishing and other fields, develop a series of high-end products, meet customer requirements, promote the application of multimedia network technology, and develop high-end industries, so as to meet the requirements of the rapid growth of Beijing's printing market and promote the industrialization process of digital printing

increase the development of cultural and creative industries. In the "Beijing Cultural Industry Development Plan", the Beijing Municipal Party committee and government proposed to build Beijing into a national publishing and copyright trade center with strong publishing capacity, smooth distribution channels and developed copyright trade. The R & D and design of books, advertisements, packaging materials and other products is the key link of industrial upgrading. We should closely focus on the development needs of the capital's cultural industry to form a high-end printing and packaging industry that provides support and services for the publishing industry and other related industries. Give full play to the advantages of Beijing's talents and R & D institutions, and form a technical support and Design Center for industrial development radiating around the Bohai Sea, so as to promote the expansion and prosperity of the capital's cultural industry and service industry while improving the core competitiveness of the industry

develop strong printing products

printing of high-end books, periodicals and publications. Beijing has more than 3000 publishing units of various types, publishing more than 100000 kinds of publications annually, accounting for half of the country. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for fine and high-end books and periodicals in Beijing market has increased. Printing enterprises should increase investment, promote direct plate making, and apply new technologies and processes to promote the upgrading of products and technologies. Focus on improving the level of independent innovation in high-speed, multi-color and efficient offset printing technology. While continuing to introduce foreign advanced processes, technologies and equipment, we should establish a technological innovation mechanism with enterprises as the main body to realize the digestion, absorption and re innovation of the introduced technology

commercial printing (bills, cards). We will strengthen the R & D and innovation of commercial form printing products and magnetic card products with various functions and materials, so as to form economies of scale, and provide various commercial forms, bills, cards and other special printing products for service industries such as commerce, finance, transportation, catering, as well as enterprises and institutions in schools, institutes and production fields

develop packaging industry with cultural characteristics

at present, the output value of packaging and printing products in China has exceeded one third of the total output value of the national printing industry. Beijing's packaging and printing industry grew rapidly this year, accounting for an increasing proportion of the city's printing products. Packaging and decoration printing is developing in the direction of aesthetics, environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, we will focus on developing paper-based packaging and printing products with high technical content, high added value and green environmental protection. Actively develop wide width flexo printing and gravure printing technology. Develop high-quality color printing and packaging, use more new materials, and develop high-end products to meet the development needs of key industries in Beijing

attach importance to the development of anti-counterfeiting and safe packaging and printing. Actively develop new anti-counterfeiting printing technologies and processes, and provide high-tech anti-counterfeiting products for the rectification of the illegal printing market. Develop and promote safe, healthy and environmentally friendly food and other packaging materials

vigorously develop circular economy

the development of printing and packaging industry should adhere to the requirements of circular economy, adhere to development and saving at the same time, change ideas, improve production methods, focus on the development of environmental friendly and lightweight packaging materials and containers, promote all links of the industrial chain to effectively realize resource conservation and recycling, and build ecological industrial parks

improve resource utilization. Change the extensive production mode, reduce the input of land, energy, water and materials, promote environmental protection development and cleaner production, and make the printing and packaging industry form an intensive circular economy demonstration industry

build pilot projects for the industrialization of waste recycling. Increase the research and development of waste recycling and production renewable resources projects, and promote the implementation of the pilot project of circular economy of packaging resources. Establish a demonstration project for the recycling, utilization and regeneration of urban waste paper resources with an expected CAGR of 5.1% from 2017 to 2022 in Beijing; Set up a demonstration project of waste plastic packaging recycling industrialization with Daxing District as the focus; Promote the industrialization of Tetra Pak recycling

The development of printing and packaging industry is based on the material and cultural living standards of a region, and is closely related to the development of cultural education, publishing, product packaging and other industries. Beijing is the political, cultural and international exchange center of the country. It not only has the advantages of finance, science and technology, information and talents, but also has the advantages of large market demand, strong radiation and large growth space, which are conducive to the great development of the printing and packaging industry

market advantages

Beijing is moving towards a modern international metropolis. The political, cultural and economic prosperity brings a multi-level and potential consumer market. It is estimated that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, consumer demand will grow by more than 12%. Beijing has a unique publication market, with an annual sales revenue of more than 20 billion yuan; The prospect of color periodicals and bills market is very broad; The printing volume of traditional bills will increase greatly; All kinds of tickets and cards have developed rapidly, and security printing has been widely used. Relevant experts predict that the demand for bill printing products in Beijing will increase by more than 5% every year in the next five years with many varieties of 1a/d converters

advantages of science and education

printing and packaging are facing a transformation from the analog and digital era to the digital era based on digital, network and multimedia technology. In this reform, Beijing's technological and talent advantages will promote the industrial upgrading process of high-tech applications. Most of the scientific research institutions of printing technology and equipment in China are concentrated in Beijing, and a large number of science and technology service companies have been born in recent years. These scientific research institutions and enterprises can provide superior services in CTP, ERP, digital printing, whole process color management and other high-end printing technologies. Beijing Institute of printing is a nationally renowned professional college for training talents in related industries, and has trained a large number of professionals for industrial development

industrial advantages

with the formation and rapid development of China's three major economic circles, Beijing in the Bohai rim economic circle will take the lead in the development of high-tech industries. The rapid development of electronics, automobile, medicine, food, craft gifts and other industries will drive the total expansion of supporting service-oriented printing and packaging industries, and the pull coefficient is expected to be 1:14.5. From the perspective of Beijing's functional positioning of building itself into a "national capital, world city, famous cultural city and livable city", the printing and packaging industry has strong market demand in reality, and the driving role of future economic development will continue to be reflected in the steady growth of economic benefits

Olympic opportunities

the 2008 Olympic Games will bring new opportunities for the development of Beijing market and enterprises. Beijing's printing and packaging industry serves the printing and packaging of publications, advertisements, commercial bills, cards, etc. for the Olympic Games

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