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China Mobile is ready to integrate the Internet companies of the nine bases

following the previously established finance companies, international companies, terminal companies and the government enterprise branches that are being established, China Mobile's fifth professional subsidiary, Internet companies, is ready to emerge

recently, the news about China Mobile's establishment of an Internet company continues. From the high-level decision revealed at the general manager's working meeting in Qingdao, to the source's disclosure that China Mobile is about to start the research on the unified naming and identification of full value-added services, and then to the imminent acquisition of iFLYTEK, a local mobile Internet company, all indicate that China Mobile Internet company is about to be born

it is understood that China Mobile will establish an Internet company based on the Guangdong Internet base, divest the current nine major business bases of mobile from provincial companies and put them into Internet companies, and officially operate from the second half of the year. It is reported that the company will have an independent board of directors, and the possibility of establishing multiple Internet companies cannot be ruled out

in fact, both the four major professional companies that have been established before and the Internet companies that are about to be established are methodically practicing the management ideas of Li Yue, general manager of China Mobile, that is, professional operation and emphasis on group control. According to the idea of China Mobile, China Mobile will move from the current group provincial company municipal company group mode to the common existence of multiple specialized companies

de baselization

compared with the professional companies that have been established before, the biggest breakthrough of the Internet companies that will be established this time is the determination to break down and establish new ones. The nine largest business bases will be successively stripped from provincial companies and incorporated into Internet companies

the business base model pioneered by China Mobile is the core value-added business layout idea of China Mobile, which has been followed by Chinatelecom and China Unicom. However, over the years, the drawbacks of the nine business base models have occurred frequently. They belong to the data Department of China Mobile headquarters, but rely on provincial companies and implement them for provincial companies, forming a vacuum layer of rights and obligations between China Mobile headquarters and provincial companies. Over the years, problems of size have continued

when the business base carries out business operations for provincial companies, it is more administrative coordination between internal departments. There are too many game players, and the cooperation cost is huge. When the internal cooperation cost is greater than the external cooperation cost, it means that the base model has reached the ceiling, and enterprise division will also be called an inevitable trend. Caiyaochengqi, a telecom analyst, told the communication industry news

in its view, the biggest difference between the professional company and the base model is that when facing the provincial companies, the professional company is an independent legal person organization, and the provincial companies can form a relationship between Party A and Party B, and carry out business development and cooperation based on the principle of marketization, which will completely abandon all the disadvantages of the base model, that is, to change from a planned economy to a market economy

release two positive signals

in response to the industry's concern that Internet companies may become a mere formality, the next rapid measures of China Mobile are obviously very awesome. It is reported that in order to expand the newly established Internet company, China Mobile has begun the first step of foreign investment and acquisition. China Mobile has basically completed the audit of the listed company iFLYTEK. According to the agreement between the two sides, China Mobile will become the strategic investor of iFLYTEK by taking shares. As China Mobile, which has always been the leader of the industrial chain, this step is both fresh and efficient

integration is very rapid. On August 12, iFLYTEK has issued a suspension announcement, saying that it is planning to introduce strategic investors in a non-public offering. It is expected to announce relevant information and resume trading on August 17. As the listed company of China Mobile will release its interim results on the 17th, it is expected that the two sides will officially announce the details of cooperation after the results are released

in addition, on the side of the product system of Internet value-added services, China Mobile has also started the warm-up campaign before the establishment of Internet companies, and China Mobile has begun the research on the unified naming and identification of value-added services. Compared with the other two operators, mobile has no unified brand in value-added services. China Telecom's Tianyi pilot, Tianyi e-home, Tianyi video, Tianyi space, Tianyi reading, and China Unicom's wobroadband, wopay, wostore, etc. are both their 3G terminal brands and value-added service brands

these two measures are seen by the industry as positive signals that China Mobile is in line with Internet companies. The aforementioned Telecom economic analyst said that in order to avoid the embarrassing situation of the newly established Internet companies in the race between China and Malaysia, China Mobile needs to abandon the old ideas of state-owned enterprises, such as encouraging professional companies to operate and list to ensure shareholders' rights and interests; Introduce foreign innovative forces to acquire or participate in cutting-edge Internet companies; Reduce administrative intervention, professional companies and provincial operating companies act according to the contract, avoid administrative intervention, and do not turn the headquarters into a quarreling yamen, etc

it is understood that the management of the group also stated that it would not rule out introducing external investors or carrying out institutional innovations such as management shareholding in the future. Whether China Mobile Internet company will become a mere formality depends first on the determination and confidence of the decision-making level of China Mobile Group, and secondly on the vision, courage and inclusiveness of the newly established helmsman of China Mobile Internet company. Said chengdejie, deputy chief engineer of Sichuan Communication Design Institute

resistance is not small

the whole company's strategy in the era of mobile Internet is a huge project. A middle-level person in the headquarters of China Mobile was cautious in his words when transforming to a specialized company of China Mobile

according to its disclosure, although China Mobile has established four professional companies and will take professional companies as the development direction, from the previous operation situation, China Mobile's operation of professional companies is not mature

take the terminal company officially established last year as an example. According to its disclosure, the terminal company often cannot put its position in the actual business dealings with provincial operating companies, and the service quality cannot be compared with that of external manufacturers. The employees of the terminal company still feel that they are operators, regard themselves as Party A, and the service quality can't keep up with it. There are many complaints from companies in various provinces. In their view, at present, the personnel, processes and systems of the terminal company have not been finally established, and the samples and experimental plates have not been pre stripped, and they still can't clearly position their and obligations as a service provider, and the professional service ability can't meet the requirements of the operating company. That's why, Some provincial operating companies even choose to abandon terminal companies and cooperate with traditional national agents

as a specific business company, Internet companies will also encounter difficulties encountered by terminal companies. The above-mentioned middle-level personage of China Mobile headquarters said that the natural connection between professional companies and China Mobile Group is both an advantage and an obstacle. Whether professional companies can avoid becoming mere formality depends on how long incubation period they need and how quickly they can form a market-oriented operation mechanism

in terms of talent maintenance, professional companies are also limited to China Mobile. Welcome to inquire! Existing system. The talents needed by professional companies are mainly recruited in China Mobile headquarters and provinces. This system is not conducive to the professional development of professional companies: there are barriers in the industry, and telecom operators are not good at the Internet industry, even if they cannot introduce Internet talents on a large scale. We should also innovate the employment mechanism and activate the talent potential within the existing talent framework. Not only that, for a mobile employee, going to a professional company means transferring from within the system to outside the system. The profit model of self financing also makes many Chinese mobile employees worry

in terms of responsibility coordination between Internet companies and provincial companies, although there has been a general division of labor in the coordination between China mobile professional companies and operating companies at the leadership decision-making level, based on the pressure of the current assessment management system, it is expected that the running in between Internet companies and provincial companies will continue for a long time in the future. Cheng Dejie believes that the solution of the contradiction between the two, Ultimately, it still depends on the determination of the group's decision-makers to implement policies

in terms of operation and management, an employee of China Mobile's government and enterprise branch pointed out that whether effective measures can be introduced to mobilize employees' subjective initiative, whether decision-making processes can be reduced, and whether micro innovation projects can run fast without fear of failure in small steps is the most important factor for Internet companies to avoid the big puzzle of the base

the fence of mobile Internet has been opened. The advantage of operators lies in their close proximity to the user base and pipeline advantages, while the disadvantage lies in the lack of products and platforms of Internet gene. The newly established China Mobile Internet company should timely interrupt operations and contact technicians in time. How to build a good platform and design a good traffic charging model requires China Mobile to pay attention to it from a strategic level and achieve a major breakthrough in mechanism There are major innovations in the model, otherwise, we can only repeat the mistakes of Feixin

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