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Zoomlion joined hands with environmental sanitation equipment to launch the "garbage" counterattack war

Zoomlion joined hands with environmental sanitation equipment to launch the "garbage" counterattack war

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with the rapid development of urbanization in China, urban environmental governance, especially garbage disposal, has repeatedly become the focus of public attention. In the process of solving urban environmental problems, how should environmental sanitation enterprises, as an indispensable part of them, play a role in supporting an umbrella for urban development and guarding a pure land

from May 28 to 30, at the fifth member congress of China Association of urban environmental sanitation and the seminar on the government's purchase of environmental sanitation public services, Zoomlion, a leading environmental sanitation equipment enterprise, put forward the solution of "urban-rural integration of environmental sanitation" based on its own practice, and shared with the participants the company's cases on urban-rural comprehensive treatment, the construction and equipment of urban-rural domestic waste collection and transportation system, etc. Participants said that Zoomlion's exploration and practice in environmental sanitation provided useful experience and ideas for China's urban environmental governance

"with the sustained and vigorous development of China's economy, environmental pollution has become a major problem that the current society must face." As chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of environmental industry company, said in his speech at the conference, in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous increase of national income, the phenomenon of "enclosing cities with garbage" and "enclosing villages with garbage" has become more and more intense, which has become a major worry in restricting the construction of a beautiful China

according to the data, the total amount of urban waste piled up over the years in China has reached 7billion tons, and the amount generated is increasing at a rate of about 9% every year. Taking Beijing as an example, the whole city produces 18300 tons of garbage every day, and the garbage treatment capacity is only 1041000 tons per day, with a gap of 8000 tons

"urban and rural domestic waste treatment is a systematic project. To solve the above problems, the construction of collection system, transportation system, supporting system and management system is indispensable." Xueyunzhang of Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. said, "from the current construction of urban and rural domestic waste collection and transportation system, the non-standard waste collection and transportation tools, the non-standard computer control mode of the operator and attaching importance to the machine, and the imperfect operation mechanism are the outstanding problems faced by China's waste treatment."

in terms of urban domestic waste treatment, Zoomlion, on the basis of fully studying the domestic domestic waste collection, transportation and treatment mode, independently developed the first series of leak free compression garbage trucks in China and formed the "three four five six" treatment mode of urban domestic waste "in combination with its own practice after tackling several key technologies such as further quota reduction. This model was also highly affirmed by the participating experts and scholars at this conference. They believe that Zoomlion's treatment mode has grasped the two key points of household classification and long-term operation mechanism, eradicated the problem of waste treatment from the source, and is of great significance for promoting the healthy development of urban environmental sanitation in China

food waste recycling and resource reuse is another difficult problem faced by the third principle of urban environmental sanitation in China. According to incomplete statistics, as of march2014, 46 food waste treatment plants in China were in operation, with an average treatment capacity of 138.65 tons/day. According to the "12th Five Year Plan" for the construction of national urban domestic waste treatment facilities, the food waste treatment capacity will reach 30000 tons/day by 2015, which also means that the development of food waste treatment in China has a long way to go

market participants generally believe that the insufficient technical specifications of food waste disposal facilities, the serious shortage of key technology supply, the same and single technical route and the billions of virtual high investment are important factors for the development of food waste in China

in terms of food waste treatment, Zoomlion established the "food waste resource disposal" project team as early as 2008. Through technical breakthrough, Zoomlion has developed a world-class food waste harmless, reduction and resource treatment system with independent intellectual property rights, and successfully won the bid for the construction of food waste treatment plants in Changsha, Zhangjiagang, Chengdu, Taiyuan and other cities

"as a member of the sanitation industry, Zoomlion actively practices its social responsibilities as a leading enterprise of sanitation equipment." Chenpeiliang said that Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. always takes the development and production of world-class environmental sanitation equipment as its own responsibility, and strives to improve the overall level of China's environmental sanitation equipment manufacturing industry

according to chenpeiliang, Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. has invested more than 1billion yuan in technology research and development in the past 20 years, leading and participating in the formulation of technical standards for more than 80% of the products in the industry. Among them, the non leakage compression garbage truck, the harmless, reduction and resource-based treatment system of kitchen garbage and other products have become the benchmark products leading the development trend of the industry. In addition to strengthening technical research and development, Zoomlion also made a major strategic adjustment in 2013, raising the development of the environmental industry to a level parallel to the traditional engineering machinery sector, and formulated a three-year development plan and medium - and long-term layout around the two main lines of urban domestic waste (solid waste) collection, sorting, compression, transfer and final treatment equipment, as well as food waste recycling and resource reuse

the completion and operation of Lugu No. 2 Industrial Park is the concrete embodiment of Zoomlion's environmental industry. The industrial park is the world's largest environmental sanitation equipment Industrial Park, which is mainly used for the R & D and production of nine categories of nearly 100 varieties of environmental industrial products, such as environmental sanitation machinery, food waste treatment, high concentration sewage treatment, etc. Chenpeiliang said that in the next two years, Zoomlion will continue to increase investment in equipment and tooling, further promote lean production, and build the industrial park into a benchmark of China's environmental sanitation equipment manufacturing base in terms of software and hardware

Zoomlion, which has actively undertaken the society and sounded the "garbage counterattack" rally, has also reaped good economic benefits. In the first quarter report of 2014 released by Zoomlion, the environmental industry sector continued to achieve positive growth after 2013, and its revenue accounted for more than 10%

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