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Zoomlion environmental industry takes multiple measures to ensure that employees are cool in the "summer"

Zoomlion environmental industry takes multiple measures to ensure that employees are cool in the "summer"

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in August, Changsha has a high humidity, but the production posts have entered the sultry mode most prone to heatstroke. The production workshops of the manufacturing company of the environmental industry company are "fully open", and the whole line rushes to the production tasks in the second half of the year. Sweaty workers can be seen everywhere in the workshops, Outdoor workers are soaked with sweat but do not get off the line

in order to do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling, the labor union of the branch company and the manufacturing company have prepared enough cooling materials, actively done a good job in various works of heatstroke prevention and cooling, mobilized the enthusiasm of the large staff of Guang 1. The defense rate of force measurement: 0.001-0.1n (determined by the measuring range), and played a key role in heatstroke prevention with full spirit

first of all, in order to enhance the self-protection awareness of employees, the manufacturing workshop started with strengthening the safety publicity and education in summer, and widely publicized the safety knowledge of heatstroke prevention and cooling, the key points of safety in summer and other contents by means of billboards, morning class meetings and other carriers, so as to improve the employees' understanding of the importance of heatstroke prevention

secondly, provide heatstroke prevention and cooling materials free of charge, and equip the workshop with routine heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies such as Huoxiang Zhengqi water, cooling oil, disinfection alcohol, etc. At the same time, the "summer mung bean porridge" was launched every day for online employees to drink freely, and ice lollies, ice water and sweet watermelons were sent to front-line personnel. Chenpeiliang, general manager of the environmental industry company, visited the front-line personnel in person

in view of the fact that bacteria are most likely to breed in humid and hot conditions, the branch company has done a good job in preventing infectious diseases in summer, and strictly requires the canteen to clean and remove garbage in the operation room and restaurant every day, and regularly ventilate to keep the indoor air fresh. Food raw materials shall be stored by category to reduce the spread of disease

it is worth mentioning that the workshop also has a proper space for employees' lunch break, and a batch of cool mats are provided for workers' lunch break. The outdoor workers are also equipped with straw hats, and the air conditioners in all rooms of the single apartment are also installed in place. Environmental industry 4. The sample is placed on the main machine of the experimental machine. The garden is located in the suburbs. There are many mosquitoes in the humid and hot summer. The manufacturing company has "adjusted measures to local conditions" to equip each team with electric mosquito repellent incense. These considerate measures not only ensure efficient production for c0.82, but also provide a strong guarantee for employees to spend the summer cool

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