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Zoomlion creates a 10 billion level green plate to explore the new model of county wide environmental governance

Zoomlion creates a 10 billion level green plate to explore the new model of county wide environmental governance

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chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion, said on the 17th, The environmental industry will be built into a ten billion level plate that keeps pace with engineering machinery. At present, Zoomlion is actively promoting the all environment PPP cooperation with 41 national key functional ecological districts and counties in Hunan Province, exploring the Hunan model of county-level all environment governance, and the first batch of demonstration projects will be implemented at the end of March

it is understood that Hunan will adopt PPP (cooperation between government and social capital) mode to promote the construction of county garbage collection and transportation system in 41 national key ecological functional areas and counties in the province. County level governments, as "public" parties and enterprises, as "private" parties, jointly set up county-level environmental protection companies. The county-level environmental protection company is responsible for the composition of the collection and transportation system, the integrated development design, financing, construction and operation of auto parts and new energy vehicles, and providing environmental protection public services such as road cleaning and garbage collection and transportation within the county; The "public" party pays the "private" party every year according to the agreement and service quality

with the change of economic situation and industrial environment, Zoomlion, as the M88 ⑵ engine that developed in France with construction machinery, is actively seeking new "green" development power in recent years. In 2015, Zoomlion acquired 75% of the equity of Italy ladurner company, officially marking the beginning of the strategic transformation and industrial upgrading from a single environmental sanitation equipment supplier to an overall environmental industry solution provider and investment operator. In addition, the company has successively acquired Jiangsu Huai'an chenjie, Hunan Ningxiang Renhe and other enterprises, and established an industrial development alliance with Shenzhen energy, Beijing yuantaida and other industry leading enterprises

in the government work report of the "two sessions" this year, it is emphasized to strengthen environmental governance and promote green development to make new breakthroughs. "Green development" has become one of the five concepts of China's development in the next five years. Building "green city" and "ecological county" and realizing the circular development of ecological environment have become the most important development path of environmental governance at present

"We have creatively launched a new PPP model of 'all environmental' Governance in Hunan. Through the above series of measures, Zoomlion has quickly stepped into the environmental industry from 'equipment, investment and operation' and integrated into the high-end environmental industry chain. In the future, Zoomlion's environmental industry will focus on comprehensive domestic waste treatment, food waste recycling treatment, sewage sludge treatment and construction waste treatment to build a Ten billion level plate of construction machinery. " Chenpeiliang said confidently

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