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Reading Guide: in April this year, with full enthusiasm, I came to the snowy plateau on the top of the earth and began a one and a half month journey to Gaoyuan to serve two Zoomlion pump trucks. During this period, I entered Lhasa three times from Golmud, went to Naqu two times, and went back and forth for nearly ten thousand kilometers, giving customers the blue truth of Zoomlion people

in April this year, with full enthusiasm, I came to the snow covered Plateau on the top of the earth and began a plateau journey that lasted for one and a half months to serve the two pump trucks of Zoomlion. During this period, I entered Lhasa three times from Golmud, went to Naqu two times, and traveled nearly ten thousand kilometers back and forth.

I sent the blue true feelings of Zoomlion to customers

services beyond the scope of services

people who have worked and lived in Tibet have "four noes": they don't know whether they are asleep, whether they are full, whether they are sick, and whether they are male or female. Hypoxia at high altitude makes people's heart beat faster and they can't sleep. In severe cases, they feel dizzy and dizzy. They vaguely feel the pulsation of the temples. They have a slight headache like a cold. They have poor taste and no appetite. They are like a disease rather than a disease. As for saying that I don't know whether I am a man or a woman, it is ridicule that the sun is powerful. People's skin is dark due to ultraviolet radiation, and men and women can't distinguish. The weather changes are even more unpredictable. The good sun suddenly turns into snow, hail and strong wind. You can see the four seasons in a day. That kind of taste is really unforgettable

go to Naqu County, 4700 meters above sea level, to start and debug a newly purchased Zoomlion pump truck. Although the altitude sickness was strong, I thought it was my own job. As soon as the enterprise that produced the first batch of new materials was supported by the insurance compensation policy, I insisted on ivory. After startup, commissioning and field pumping, the pump truck is in good condition, and the customer is very satisfied. However, unexpectedly, the customer proposed to solve the problem of curtain track and curtain installation in the pump truck cab. Although this is part of the chassis purchase and not part of the service scope, in order to be responsible for the customer, I chose to stay for contact and communication. At this time, there was an earthquake disaster in Sichuan. It was inconvenient for local people to come. I contacted the chassis service personnel of Mercedes Benz in Yunnan. After communication, the problem was finally properly solved. The customer was satisfied and thanked me

the first pump truck to Tibet in China

the Zoomlion pump truck purchased by a customer in Lhasa is the first pump truck to Tibet in China. The blue Zoomlion logo, long boom and tall white car body are shining in the sun. Many Tibetan compatriots stop to watch, and many people keep asking about this behemoth they have never seen. With a sense of pride, I introduced them one by one

the start-up and commissioning of the pump truck are smooth. However, the problem is that neither of the two operators of the customer has touched the pump truck, and one of them has only driven an excavator. Therefore, the task of training robot operators also fell on me. In order to enable them to master more knowledge about pump trucks in a short time, on the one hand, I explained the relevant theoretical knowledge in detail, and more importantly, I taught them the actual operation by hand. Sometimes when the pump truck was working on the construction site, I stayed at the site for guidance. Once, I stayed for two nights. The sun in Lhasa is very poisonous. Coupled with the lack of oxygen at high altitude, people often feel dizzy. But the thought of what was on my shoulders inspired me again. The two pilots learned quickly, and after a period of time, they were able to operate independently

when leaving Lhasa after the service, the customer's equipment supervisor held my hand tightly and said, "we knew the superior performance of Zoomlion equipment for a long time, but your professionalism was unexpected. Needless to say, you can buy Zoomlion equipment in the future!"

it has been more than a month since I returned to Golmud. I called two customers and learned that the two pump trucks are in good operation. I am very happy

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