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Zoomlion launched a new generation of wet road sweeper with super continuous operation capability leading the industry

Zoomlion launched a new generation of wet road sweeper with super continuous operation capability leading the industry

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recently, Zoomlion zlj5163tslx1 upgraded wet series road sweeper was officially launched. It combines many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and is especially suitable for large areas The long-distance rapid cleaning and cleaning operation can realize continuous operation for up to 240 minutes, far exceeding the current level of the industry. It can be widely used in urban trunk roads, ring roads, high-grade highways, airport asphalt concrete pavements and cement concrete pavements

Zoomlion said that this time it has mainly improved energy efficiency, intelligent humanity, green environmental protection and other aspects, which is in line with the national innovation driven strategy for improving products. At the same time, the products can fully meet the needs of the market and customers

Zoomlion zlj5163tslx1 upgrade should adjust the loose version of wet series road sweeper to start a new voyage

according to the technical director of Zoomlion sanitation machinery, compared with the dry road sweeper, the wet road sweeper is more suitable for the rainy and humid climate in the south. It has the characteristics of long operating mileage and strong endurance, so it is more suitable for large areas or long-distance roads such as highways

it is understood that the zlj5163tslx1 wet road sweeper has made a breakthrough in energy efficiency and upgrading. It adopts a new sewage recycling system and combined water tank, which not only greatly prolongs the single continuous operation time, but also improves the reuse rate of water resources

"as the wet road sweeper needs long-term operation, this upgrade focuses more on improving efficiency - for example, the product is equipped with the largest clean water tank in the industry. During the wet sweeping process, the water reserve is large, which can effectively improve its operating capacity and extend its endurance." Said the above technical director

according to the data of Zoomlion in the product test experiment, the continuous operation time can reach 240 minutes

"it's equivalent to half a working day's work time. Whether the quality that can fully meet the current market demand is the most confusing."

in terms of intelligence and humanization, the new generation of wet road sweeper adopts a brand-new can bus control mode, realizing a new breakthrough in the intelligent operation of the road sweeper. The can mode can realize fault self-detection, one key control, diversified control, etc., which not only facilitates the maintenance of the machine, but also makes the driving operation easier and convenient

"intellectualization is the focus of Zoomlion's research and development at present. In addition to the use of can mode, the product is also equipped with a new high-pressure water system, which can automatically clean the garbage collection box, reducing the cleaning and cleaning problems of operators. The product is also equipped with a liquid crystal display, so that information can be presented in time." The technical director further explained

zlj5163tslx1 wet road sweeper also has many breakthroughs in green environmental protection. It is equipped with a special fan silencer, which can effectively reduce the noise pollution of the city's aluminum rope tensile testing machine and other material testing machines in the process of use, and create a good operating environment of man-machine harmony. The product also adds the function of handling floating objects. If the equipped suction nozzle encounters plastic bottles, leaves and other garbage, it can automatically raise its head to suck, effectively solving the problem that more than 3/4 of the rows are in the hot air plastic granulator industry

it is reported that at present, the first batch of Zoomlion's new generation wet road sweeper has been at the forefront of environmental sanitation in Tianjin, Shanghai and other places, and has been widely praised by customers and citizens. (this article is from Zoomlion)

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