Environmental protection, water saving and energy

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  Now we all advocate environmental protection and energy conservation, and we also want to achieve the effect of water and energy conservation in the decoration of our bathroom. How can we give consideration to water conservation and energy conservation in bathroom decoration

 & emsp; In the bathroom, the space above the toilet and wash basin is the most easily ignored. You can install a row of cabinets here to place all kinds of bathing supplies. You will find that in this way, the bathroom is not only much cleaner, but also more convenient to use. At the same time, the space under the wash basin can also be made into a cabinet to store some items that are not commonly used in ordinary days. The extended countertop of the wash basin can also be placed with soaps, dental bowls and other items. The riser at the corner of the bathroom can also be cleverly covered by the locker. Besides being beautiful, many things can be placed to kill two birds with one stone

 & emsp; Bathroom decoration skills 1. Install flow control valves for faucets

&emsp& emsp; At present, the faucets in general family kitchens and bathrooms are lever type, which is often difficult to control the flow, and the water consumption is inadvertently increased. In fact, the flow control valve can be installed under the faucet, and the water flow can be reasonably controlled according to the tap water pressure of the house, which not only saves water, but also improves the scouring force and comfort of the water flow. If the selection of hardware can't be in place at one time, there should be room, such as faucets and sanitary ware. When purchasing, the connector should be international standard, so that when there is a satisfactory product or economic permission, it's not too late to change it




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