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Mud wood engineering is a part of concealed decoration works, so the requirements for construction technology are quite high. If you don't pay attention to it a little, problems such as hollowing of tiles in the future will cause very bad consequences. Therefore, in one link, we should carefully supervise and control the project quality. Xiao Su's decoration diary provides us with a good reference. Don't you hurry to learn about others' decoration

house information: 87 ㎡

decoration style: simple and modern

decoration method: half package

community: Fenghuang Hexi in Nanjing

construction progress: mud wood project

construction period: 22 days

materials transportation began on March 28, 2014

at the same time of water and electricity acceptance, carpenters have begun to transport materials. The foreman said that materials transportation began at 5:30 in the morning. At that time, we were still asleep. After piling up a room of materials, I can see some dry goods, haha. The heating master must awesome on Monday, otherwise the construction period of the carpenter may be delayed. I wish everything goes well

on April 1st, 2014, things went on.

the more afraid something happened, it happened! The heating master asked for leave on Monday. The foreman was unhappy and said that he was delaying his construction period. I was still on a business trip and had to communicate by phone. The two masters had their own reasons. It was really hard to get caught in the middle. It felt like a year. It seemed like a month these days. Why can't people understand each other? It's not easy to wander outside. Why is it so difficult to make concessions to each other

let's talk about the house. After the heating was changed, thanks to the heating master, he found that the heating pipe in the bathroom was corroded and would break down. He said it would not take two years, because it was connected with the downstairs and needed to find a heating company to solve it. After all, this house has been nearly 20 years. The heating company originally asked us to make an eye for the rusted pipe, and then they installed it. We ran back and forth several times, The foreman asked the workers to calculate the wages for a day (personally, I don't think this is a big job, as long as there are slotting tools, it's easy to do it). Drilling with a water drill is a little wasteful of money, but he didn't find a suitable master to solve this problem. Later, after efforts, the manager of the heating company promised to send someone to help on Friday

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