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Although the "Copenhagen climate conference" did not reach a substantive and binding agreement, "energy conservation and emission reduction" has become an unshirkable responsibility of enterprises in this era, "low-carbon life" is also becoming an inevitable choice for global economic transformation

although “ Copenhagen climate conference ” No substantive and binding agreement was reached, but “ Energy saving and emission reduction ” It has become an unshirkable responsibility of enterprises in this era, “ Low carbon life ” It is also becoming an inevitable choice for global economic transformation. As the soul of modern home furnishings, kitchen and bathroom products are directly related to people's health and play an important role in the process of low carbon

the Chinese government plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40% - 50% by 2020 compared with 2005. Director Li of the Organizing Committee of cikb said: “ For kitchen and bathroom products, the biggest impact is the further improvement of energy-saving indicators& rdquo; He said, ‘ Low carbon &rsquo& lsquo; Environmental protection ’ The requirements of ‘ are not only for the use process of the product, but also throughout the whole life cycle of the product, that is, from the beginning of product design, to achieve ‘ Carbon emission reduction ’ As the goal. In addition, in the production field, the consumption of electricity, water and other resources in the process of product manufacturing should be minimized

at present, many kitchen and bathroom enterprises in China are advocating the construction of “ Environment friendly enterprise ”, And vigorously develop and promote low-carbon products, but this understanding is still not widespread in the industry. Many enterprises have no time to take into account low-carbon work due to the improvement of the current export situation and the increase of orders& ldquo; In fact, there is no trivial matter in energy conservation and emission reduction and improving energy efficiency. Kitchen and bathroom enterprises should start from now on, in line with ‘ Don't do nothing because it's small ’ Treat every detail according to the principle of& rdquo; Director Li of cikb Organizing Committee believes that

nowadays, China's kitchen and bathroom industry has made great achievements in energy conservation and environmental protection, but there is still great potential to be tapped internally, especially by participating in international cooperation and exchanges, aligning with advanced technologies and standards, and obtaining a wider living space. Take the air conditioning industry with mature competition as an example. At present, the global environment facility will spend $6million on on air conditioning technology training in China; At the same time, the air conditioning industry is launching the HCFCs phase out management plan to promote upgrading and transformation. Director Li of cikb organizing committee said that the future of kitchen and bathroom industry can be seen from the air conditioning industry. However, it is gratifying that mainstream enterprises in Wanhe, vantage, cherry blossom, Deyi, Qianfeng and other industries have been actively participating in low-carbon construction, investing human, material and financial resources to carry out various comparative experiments, promoting and popularizing energy-saving and environmental protection products, which has played a great role in promoting the low-carbon development of the kitchen and bathroom industry

it is reported that cikb’ The event will be held from September 28 to 30, 2010 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Cikb is positioned prominently “ Internationalization ” And “ Technical exchange ” Platform& ldquo; At present, the organizing committee is planning and preparing a series of publicity activities for low-carbon products, such as the display of new kitchen and bathroom products, in order to better recommend them to buyers and consumers, so that kitchen and bathroom enterprises can capture greater business opportunities and the kitchen and bathroom industry can achieve faster development& rdquo; Director Li of cikb organizing committee said, “ As a part of China's manufacturing industry, the kitchen and bathroom industry must recognize that only by consciously and actively following this trend can it achieve considerable development. If it passively follows or even resists the trend, it will be eliminated& rdquo;




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