Fashionable and avant-garde foreign enterprise Bai

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Speaking of white-collar workers in foreign enterprises, exquisite professional clothes, colleagues only call them English names, the office is at 25 ℃ room temperature all year round, free afternoon tea, and several training opportunities outside the country every year... Such benefits once made them more "bright" than white-collar workers in private and state-owned enterprises. During the interview, the reporter found that foreign enterprises "Baigujing" changed jobs and began to favor state-owned enterprises. So what kind of home decoration style do these Baigujing like? Fashionable and simple? yes! They don't like complicated decoration. Fashion and simplicity are the king

white-collar workers most want the simple, fashionable and non cumbersome home design, and hope to release their body and mind in the simplest home environment. Come with Xiaobian to see the modern and simple home design that white-collar workers have pursued





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